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BAGS Junior Tour Local Rules and Conditions of the Competition

For All Competitors, Bantam and up

The Rules of the Royal Canadian Golf Association (R.C.G.A.) and its Decisions on the Rules of Golf plus these Local Rules and Rules Amendments govern all play.
Unless otherwise provided, penalty for a breach of a Local Rule or Condition is:
            Match Play – Loss of Hole        Stroke Play – Two Strokes


1. Out of Bounds (Rule 27)
            Defined by the nearest inside points of white stakes and/or boundary fence posts at ground level; when defined by a white line on the ground, the line itself is out of bounds.

2. Water Hazards (Rule 26)  
            Defined by yellow lines or yellow stakes; Lateral Water Hazards are defined by red lines or red stakes; the lines are in the hazard.

3. Roads and Paths (Rule 24)
            Artificially surfaced roads and paths are Obstructions.  White lined areas tying into roads and paths have the same status as the road or path, and thus they are obstructions and not ground under repair. The line itself is part of the obstruction.

4. Ground Under Repair (Rule 25) 
            (a)Areas defined by white lines;
(b) French Drains which are exposed trenches filled with stones;
(c) Flowerbeds and Nurseries, except those in hazards, are ground under repair from which play is prohibited.

5. Integral Parts of the Course
            Cables, rods, wires or wrappings when closely attached to trees, liners in bunkers, and artificial walls and pilings when located in hazards are integral parts of the course.
No relief without penalty.

6. Stones in Bunkers (Rule 24-1)
            Stones in bunkers are movable obstructions. Rule 24-1 applies.

7. Wood Chips and Mulch (Rule 23)
            Wood chips and mulch are loose impediments.


  1. Embedded Ball (Rule 25-2) extended to include areas “through the green”.
  2. Aeration Holes: relief is available ONLY for the lie of the ball.
  3. Seams of Cut Turf: relief is available ONLY for the lie of the ball.
  4. Environmentally Sensitive Areas (ESA); Areas of the course Requiring Preservation: players who go into or play from posted ESA’s are subject to penalty.
  1. Distance Measuring Devices: distance measuring devices are permitted. However, use of devices which measure anything in addition to distance are not permiteed.



1. Pace of Play (Rule 6-7)  
            A player will be subject to penalty if he unduly delays play.

2. Suspension of Play Due to a Dangerous Situation (Note to Rule 6-8b)
            Discontinue Play Immediately: One long note of siren
            Discontinue Play: Three consecutive notes, repeated
            Resume Play: Two short notes, repeated

Penalty for Breach – Disqualification

3. Electronic Devices: The use of cell phones, radios, audio players and the like are prohibited during competition play.  Players in breach of this condition may be subject to disqualification.

4. Drop Areas: Local course Drop Areas are NOT in use unless otherwise stated.

5. Transportation: Optional Condition in Appendix I/C-8 is in effect: Players must not ride on any form of transportation during a stipulated round unless authorized by the Committee.

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