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Frequently Asked Questions

Is my child ready for competitive golf?
The BAGS Tour is a development tour and as such we encourage players of all levels of ability to participate. However, it is also a competitive tour and a reasonable standard of playing ability and knowledge of the rules is required. It is not a tour for beginners who are just picking up clubs for the first time. It is at the discretion of the tour whether a player’s ability meets the tour standards. Minor Bantam aged players must be able to walk 18 holes unassisted and be responsible for their own equipment.

All new minor bantam and bantam aged players will be assessed and may required to attend a skill assessment session to become "tournament certified". There is no cost to this session.

The BAGS Junior Tour has made arrangements with several regional teaching facilities to perform the assessment session. Please refer questions on tour standards, or to book a "skills assessment session", to Alistair Orr  

Are spectators allowed on the course ?
Parents are allowed to be present on the course during play at regular tour stops but need to adhear to the spectator policy. No spectators are permitted on the course during the match play, better ball or tournament of champions events.

What tees to the kids playing from?
The lengths of the course differ each week but they generally fall within the following ranges:

Minor Bantam: 4000-5000
Girls Division: 4500–5800 yards
Boys U15: 5000 –6200
Boys U19: 6200 -6600

What happens if I can’t wait around for the results (potential prize)?
Player need not wait around for results. Prizes will be award to the player at the next event they attend.

What’s the cost to join?
To be determined. Visit membership page for details.

What are the costs for each event?
Tournament entry fees range from $45 to $70.

Are there practice rounds available?
There are no official practice rounds arranged by the tour. It is up to the individual players to arrange times with the course directly.

When is the cutoff date for juniors being eligible age?
Minor Bantam: U13 August 1st
Bantam: U15 as of August 1st
Juvenile: U17 as of August 1st
Junior: U19 as of August 1st

Do we have to pay in advance?
Tournament fees must be submitted prior to play. Payment by Credit Card:  Those who wish to pay tournament fees by credit card must do so through the website. Credit cards will not be accepted on the day of events. Payment by cash or cheque: Cash or cheques will be accepted on event day at the registration table.

What is the cancellation policy?
We do not charge you in the event of a cancellation, although we would appreciate it if you cancelled at least 3 days prior. Members who are registered for an event and do not notify us that they are unable to attend be will be considered no-shows. Members who no-show twice will be required to provide advance payment for any future events they intend to play.

My children aren't sure if they want to join. Can they come out and just try an event?
Space permitting we allow players a one time trial event as a guest of the tour. Trial players are not eligible for order of merit points and there is a $20 guest fee in addition to the tournament entry fee.

Are there a mandatory number of events you have to play?
No, players may play is as many event as they choose as per their membership category.

Do you have to be from a certain area or member of a golf club?
There are no residency restrictions.

How early should we arrive to an event?
Players should check in to the registration area 45 minutes prior to there posted tee time.

Is lunch included?
A lunch is not supplied at the events.

Are range balls included?
Range balls are available at some, but not all events. Players will be notified in the event preview email prior to each event if balls are included.

Are caddies permitted?
No. However, tour Marshalls or volunteers may shuttle Minor Bantam aged players on occasion to help maintain a reasonable pace of play.

Can I request a specific tee time?
The tour recognizes that travel is an issue and will do its best to accommodate tee time requests. 





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