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Policies and Procedures

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BAGS Spectator Policy:
With the exception of the better ball, matchplay events and the Tournement of Champions spectators are permitted on the golf course. However, the following policies and rules will be enforced to protect the integrity and enjoyment of the round for all participants and to create a level playing field for all competitors while assisting in their development as junior golfers.

**Players Spectator Option: If a player is at all uncomfortable with the presence of a spectator he/she has the right to have that spectator removed from the area.

Minimum Distances & Prohibited areas: All spectators must remain on hole side paths a minimum of 50 yards ahead of all players at all times (In the absence of paths stay in the rough a minimum of 5 yards from the fairway line) and are prohibited from tees, fairways, greens (and greenside fringes), scoring & starting areas and rules situations. Penalty of breach of minimum distance rule: 1st offence –warning; 2nd offence –player will be deducted 10 points from the order of merit; 3rd offence –player will be deducted 20 points from the order of merit and spectator will be asked to leave the course.

The Minor Bantam Division (12 and under) may have volunteers to assist in scorekeeping on the course and are exempt from the required distance as outlined above.

Communication with players: With the exception of the need to deal with medical situations or to ask if players need water or food, no communication (verbal or non-verbal) is to take place with the players. Spectators are not permitted to advise tournament participants in any way. No communication with the players between holes as it slows down play. Penalty of breach of communication rule: 1st offence –warning; 2nd offence –player will be deducted 10 points from the order of merit; 3rd offence –player will be deducted 20 points from the order of merit and spectator will be asked to leave the course.

Advice: Rule 8-1. During a stipulated round a player must not: Give advice to anyone in the competition playing on the course other than his partner, or ask for advice from anyone other than his partner or either of their caddies. *Information on matters of public information, such as the position of hazards, marked yardage or the flagstick on the putting green, is not advice. Penalty of breach of advice rule: Two strokes.

Lost Golf Balls: We request that spectators assist with pace of play by observing when and where golf balls stray.  However, this opportunity is not to be utilized to advise the player.

Tournament Entry Procedure:
Players must be a registered member of the BAGS Junior Tour to participate in the events. To be included in the draw players must sign up online though the event registration page at least 4 days prior to each event and the final tee times will be posted 2 days prior to the event. Late & post entries will be accepted based on available space at the discretion of BAGS officials.

Players are required to report to the registration area at each event at least 45 minutes prior to their posted tee time. Unless advance arrangements are made for late registration, players who arrive late may be subject to disqualification from the competition.

Guest / Trial Membership Policy:
Space permitting, and with the permission of the tour, tour members may bring a guest player who wishes to give the tour a trail. Also, limited space is available at each event for host course junior members. Guests are not eligible for order of merit points and there is a $20 guest fee in addition to the tournament entry fee. The $15 guest fee will be applied to the membership fee should they decide to join.

Payment Policy:
Tournament fees must be submitted prior to teeing off. Payment by Credit Card:  Those who wish to pay tournament fees by credit card must do so through the website. Credit cards will not be accepted on the day of events. Payment by cash or cheque: Cash or cheques will be accepted on event day at the registration table.

Tournament entry fees are non-refundable unless cancellation is requested in accordance with the cancellation procedure.

No-show Policy and Cancellations Procedure:
We do not charge you in the event of a cancellation, although we would appreciate notification at least 2 days prior. Members who are registered for an event and do not notify us that they are unable to attend be will be considered no-shows. Members who no-show twice will be required to provide advance payment for any future events they intend to play.

Tee Times:
Players are required to report to the starter at least ten minutes prior to their posted tee time.

Tour Standings and Earning Points:
Tour standings are based on a points system. Scoring is low gross and members in each division are awarded points based on a sliding scale:
1st:               75
2nd:              60
3rd:               50
4th:               35
5th:               30
6th:               25
7th:               20
8th:               15
9th:               10
10th -15th        5
16th or higher: 3

Points will be divided in the event of a tie. Prizes are awarded for at least the top three in each division at each event. Bonus points will awarded for for top results in GAO or CJGA events which conflict with a BAGS event

Making the BAGS Tour Competitive Team:
BAGS Junior Tour will enter several Team events throughout the year. The most important of these events is the Humber Cup: All Ontario Junior Tours Team Championship to be held the last week of August. We are permitted to send four boys, two bantam boys and two girls. The four boys will be the overall point leader, Juvenile point leader and two captain’s pick. The girl’s team and the bantam boys team will be the point leader and a captain’s pick. The Ontario Tours Team Championship is a two day event and banquet. More information on this provincial tournament will be provided as the year unfolds.

Code of Conduct:
The BAGS Junior Golf Tour enforces the following code of behaviour:

Drinking alcohol and consumption of illicit substances are not permitted during a BAGS Tour event. Offenders will be immediately removed from the playing area and expelled from the tour for the remainder of the season.

Any verbal or physical abuse towards another member or person present will not be tolerated. Members found in violation of the above will be suspended from the tour for the remainder of the season.

The following will not be tolerated on tour: Smoking, vaping, disrespectful behaviour towards officials, volunteers, facility staff or spectators; abusive or inappropriate language; displays of temper (throwing or breaking clubs); any form of cheating; leaving the golf course without notifying an official during tournament play; and abuse of the golf course in any way. First time offenders will be warned, second offenders will be disqualified from the event and receive a two-event suspension and third-time offenders will be expelled from the tour for the balance of the season..

Dress Code:
Proper golf attire is required during competition and must comply with the host club’s rules regarding attire. Hats and visors must be worn with the brim facing forward. Collared golf shirts must be worn and kept tucked in.

Tank tops, t-shirts, clothing with offensive slogans, jeans, denim shorts, cut-off shorts, rugby pants, track pants and clothing that is in poor repair is prohibited.

A player caught cheating (moving, kicking, dropping balls, intentially marking a lower score or other flagrant offences) without charging themselves with the required penalty under the rule as outlined by the RCGA will be disqualified from the event and incur a one event suspension.

Disqualifications caused by accidental rule breaches, such as signing an incorrect scorecard, do not carry the one event suspension.

Members will receive a scorecard with their name on it prior to teeing off. This is their official card. Players trade cards before the start of the round so they are keeping the official card of another member of their group, plus their own. Players must concur with the score on their official card plus the one they are keeping. Your scorecard must be signed by yourself and the player who kept your score to be valid. In the event of a discrepancy, do not sign the card until the matter is settled. Cheating on your score will result in disqualification. Repeat offenders will be removed from the Tour.

The Minor Bantam Division (12 and under) may have volunteers to assist in scorekeeping on the course and are exempt from the required distance as outlined in the spectator policy.

The Rules of Golf:

BAGS Junior Tour Local Rules and Conditions of the Competition

All players should have a rule book in the golf bag and the onus is on the player to know and understand the Rules of Golf. However, a Rules Official will be available at each event and the tour will endeavour to educate the players on proper rules procedures on an ongoing basis.

All players should familiarize themselve with the BAGS Junior Tour Local Rules and Conditions of Competition . Golf course Local Rules as may be shown on the course scorecard do NOT apply to BAGS Tour play - these may include Drop Areas, Red-staked Rough, etc.  Any special Rules for the event will be relayed through our Starter.

If you are doubtful as to the proper rules procedure during a Stroke Play event, declare which ball you wish to count for your score, play two balls and keep both score (Rule: 3-3). A ruling will be determined by a GAO Rules Official, the Committee or Head Professional at the end of your round.  

During Match Play, however, this option is not available to you.  If a doubt or dispute arises between players, they must try to settle it; if not, a player may make a claim and the Committee will decide the issue (Rule 2-5).  The proper procedure for this will be relayed to competitors prior to the commencement of the Match. 

Pace of Play:
This policy is designed to put the responsibility on the players for keeping pace. It is the player’s responsibility under Rule 6-7 which states that “The player must play without undue delay and in accordance with any pace of play guidelines that the Committee may establish. Between completion of a hole and playing from the next teeing ground, the player must not unduly delay play.” It is also the players responsibility to know the Pace of Play policies.

View the Pace of Play document

Playing Ability:
The BAGS Tour is a development tour and as such we encourage players of all levels of ability to participate. However, it is also a competitive tour and a reasonable standard of playing ability and knowledge of the rules is required. It is not a tour for beginners who are just picking up clubs for the first time. Some players abilities may not be suitable for tour play and it is at the discretion of the tour whether a player’s ability meets the tour standards. All minor bantam and bantam aged players will be assessed as to their level of play. 

The BAGS Junior Tour has arrangements with several teaching facilities with program designed to prepare juniors for tournament golf. Please refer questions on tour standards to Alistair Orr